Gold Heart Rings

gold heart rings

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gold heart rings - Gold Heart

Gold Heart Key Ring - Gold Mini Heart Key Chain - Free Engraving

Gold Heart Key Ring - Gold Mini Heart Key Chain - Free Engraving

Gold polished mini heart key chain is great to keep all your keys safe and all together. This key chain can be personalized and customized anyway you want it! We will engrave the front and back of this key chain absolutely free. Engraving consists a logo or picture and/or up to 1 line with an approximate maximum of 4 characters on the front and back. This key chain measures 1" x 1-11/16" x 1/4". This item is not drop-shipped from a manufacturer or another country. This product is engraved and shipped from our place of business Please check your email for our engraving form. Once you receive the form, please fill it out, reply to our original email and add the form as an attachment. Until you receive confirmation your order has shipped, we ask you continue to check your email just to ensure we do not have any questions regarding your engraving instructions.

77% (15)

Melted Heart

Melted Heart

SOLD Does anyone not love hearts? Maybe it's just me who is crazy about them :-) Creating designs like this is just so much fun. I get to experiment by melting metals with my torch and it is always so amazing to see what the outcome is. It is somewhat of a manipulated surprise. Oxidized silver in combination with 14k yellow gold make this heart ring look mysterious and rustic.

Heart Diamond Gold Ring

Heart Diamond Gold Ring

delicate little heart ring with a wee diamond - apparently I'm now into children's sizes. it's tiny!

gold heart rings

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