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  • Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment. Investors generally buy gold as a hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social, or fiat currency crises (including investment market declines, burgeoning national debt, currency failure, inflation, war and

  • relatively low in price or charging low prices; "it would have been cheap at twice the price"; "inexpensive family restaurants"

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1 (One) Pack of 2010 YuGiOh 5Ds Gold Edition Series 3 Booster Pack (Hobby Exclusive)

1 (One) Pack of 2010 YuGiOh 5Ds Gold Edition Series 3 Booster Pack (Hobby Exclusive)

1 (One) Pack of 2010 YuGiOh 5Ds Gold Edition Series 3 Booster Pack (Hobby Exclusive). Gold Rare Cards are back for another round, with Gold Series 3! Gold Rares are the shiniest, rarest, and most blinged-out cards you can get. This time around, you can get your hands on Gold Rare versions of cards like Infernity Archfiend, Judgment Dragon, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Plaguespreader Zombie, Blackwing Armor Master, and Blackwing Armed Wing. If you're looking to hop on board the latest and hottest Decks, Gold Series 3 can help get you started. The 32 Common Cards in Gold Series 3 include most of the Blackwing monsters from 2009, so it's easy to get your Blackwing Deck together just with Gold Series 3 and the new Blackwing cards available in The Shining Darkness packs. Gold Series 3 also includes most of the Amazoness cards, originally released way back in 2003, so you can take advantage of the new Amazoness monsters in August's Duelist Revolution set.

87% (13)

Preparing for Kodachrome I

Preparing for Kodachrome I

I've decided to try out the Kodachrome, while it is still available. This means that I need to buy yet another camera. Since I've discovered medium format, I've lost my interest in autofocus, so I was searching for small, cheap and good camera. I choose Minolta XD-7 with beautiful rokkor 50mm 1:1.2 lens and buy it on ebay.

First I needed to test if it still works. Bought fresh batteries and fresh film in the supermarket and shoot some boring stuff just to make sure that the aperture, shutter and lightmeter are working correctly.

The prints from the minilab were quite bad, and the negative was very dirty. I've scanned it anyway just to discover, that the scans are *much* better than the prints.
Obviously, if you need a decent quality, you need to do it by yourself :(

This picture was taken handhelded, with the 13mm extension ring. If you click "All sizes" option, you can enjoy the 2400 dpi scan.

My Gear (already outdated)

My Gear (already outdated)

Already out-dated because I forgot to get my Olympus Trip35 from my car, my Frogeye, and I have recently bought another Canon A-1 so i could take Pictures of my Canon A-1 with my Canon A-1 :P ...the truth is it was on eBay going for much to cheap (came with a 50mm F1.4 Lens) and I'm a greedy camera whore..

..i still need a TLR.. and eventually a Digital SLR again

buy gold for cheap

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