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Gold Backed Etf

gold backed etf

    gold backed
  • The gold standard is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of gold. There are distinct kinds of gold standard.

  • (ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)) ETFs are essentially mutual funds for the 21st century. Mutual funds operate by pooling the buying power of many individual investors, and then delivering a share of the profits that big pool of money creates.

  • exchange traded fund: a mutual fund that is traded on a stock exchange

  • Exchange Traded Funds. Open ended funds tradable over an exchange just like a stock. ETFs made it possible for investors to invest in a variety of other instruments like gold and silver just like investing in stocks.

gold backed etf - Case for

Case for Gold: A Minority Report of the United State Gold Commission

Case for Gold: A Minority Report of the United State Gold Commission

In 1982, Ron Paul served on the U.S. Gold Commission to evaluate the role of gold in the monetary system. In fact, the Commission was his idea. It was carrying forth a promise made in the Republican platform. Ron couldn't pick the members, so from the beginning, the deck was stacked. The majority was dominated by monetarists, who saw gold as too scarce and paper as just fine. Ron Paul's team was ready, however, with this marvelous minority report. Rarely has a dissent on a government commission done so much good! The result was The Case for Gold, and it was the greatest result of the commission. It covers the history of gold in the United States, explains that its breakdown was caused by governments, and explains the merit of having sound money: prices reflect market realities, government stays in check, and the people retain their freedom. The scholarship and rigor impressed even the critics of the minority. Ron and Lewis Lehrman worked with a team of economists that included Murray Rothbard, so it is hardly suprising that such a book would result. It still holds up as an excellent blueprint for moving beyond paper money and into the age of sound money. In particular, Ron favors complete monetary freedom to use any commodity as money, to make contracts in any money, and an end to the monopolization and printing power of the Federal Reserve. There is a strong piece of history in this book. Not since the 19th century has a political figure made such a sweeping and devastating case for radical monetary reform. This congressman ran circles around even the experts at the Fed. A dazzling performance indeed, and an inspiring and learned book.

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Gold-backed Snipe Fly

Gold-backed Snipe Fly

Male Gold-backed Snipe Fly (Chrysopilus thoracicus) - Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary, 9 Hardscrabble Road, Bernardsville, New Jersey

I had started to rain, but the 5D and L lenses are somewhat water restistant so I hung in there to capture this guy before heading back to the car. I took about 10 extra captures since the shutter speed was kinda slow, and if a rain drop hit the grass blade he was sitting on during the exposure the image would have been motion blurred, so a little insurance never hurts.

Gold Bar

Gold Bar

A crazy Bentley Continental turned into a matte gold & black themed Mansory GT 63. Who can tell all the Ferraris on the side? And do you like it or not?

Please comment :)

gold backed etf

gold backed etf

24" x 30 ft Roll of Adhesive-Backed Vinyl - 1 Roll of Metallic Gold for Craft & Vinyl Sign Cutters - V0707

1 Roll of Adhesive-Backed Vinyl. Roll is 24 inches wide X 30 feet long. Vinyl easily sticks to just about any smooth surface including: cars, computers, glass, mirrors, plastic and walls. Vinyl can be used for almost anything including: Banners, Bumper Stickers, Decals, Glass, Mirrors, Scrapbooking, Signs, Stickers, Wall Decor - Circles, Polka Dots, Squares, Wall Quote/Words, Windows, Wraps for Cell Phones to MP3 Players to Kids Toys. Guaranteed to be 100% compatible with craft cutters/punches and vinyl sign cutters. NOTE: Actual colors may vary slightly due to differences in computer display capabilities.

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