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Gold Citrine Ring

gold citrine ring

  • A glassy yellow variety of quartz

  • Citrine is a colour, derived from coloured varieties of quartz, and variously described as yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow or orange. Actually, as can be ascertained by inspecting its h value, citrine is a medium dark shade of golden yellow.

  • A light greenish-yellow

  • semiprecious yellow quartz resembling topaz

  • Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust, after feldspar. It is made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall formula SiO2.

  • A yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued esp. for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies

  • amber: a deep yellow color; "an amber light illuminated the room"; "he admired the gold of her hair"

  • A deep lustrous yellow or yellow-brown color

  • An alloy of this

  • made from or covered with gold; "gold coins"; "the gold dome of the Capitol"; "the golden calf"; "gilded icons"

  • coins made of gold

  • An act of causing a bell to sound, or the resonant sound caused by this

  • A telephone call

  • a characteristic sound; "it has the ring of sincerity"

  • sound loudly and sonorously; "the bells rang"

  • Each of a series of resonant or vibrating sounds signaling an incoming telephone call

  • a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"

gold citrine ring - Ster Silver

Ster Silver 14K Gold IJ|Yellow Diamond & Citrine Fashion Ring

Ster Silver 14K Gold IJ|Yellow Diamond & Citrine Fashion Ring

This is a beautiful new Ster Silver 14K Gold IJ|Yellow Diamond & Citrine Fashion Ring. It is a great gift for yourself or a loved one and makes the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Style-Fashion Ring. Metal-Sterling Silver 14K Gold. Finish-Polishe. Gemstones-Diamond, Citrine. Gemstone quality-I2, Color- IJ|Yellow. Gemstone shape-Oval. Gemstone weight-1.76cttw. Approximate weight-2.45 grams.Diamond cttw Approximations: 1/20 = .04 to .07|1/10 = .07 to .13|1/8 = .13 to .17|1/5 = .17 to .22|1/4 = .22 to .28|1/3 = .28 to .36|3/8 = .36 to .44|1/2 = .44 to .56|5/8 = .56 to .54|2/3 = .64 to .69|3/4 = .69 to .8|7/8 = .8 to .94|1 = .94 to 1.1

87% (14)



Unfortunately in the process of soldering the band back together the original stone shattered. I probably should have unset it first, but I thought citrine could take the heat. Thankfully, it was only citrine and I had plenty of material just like it. So, I cut a new stone for the ring and it came out incredible. This new stone blows the old native cut one out of the water.



This oversized women's ring features a rectangular face inset with an irregular shaped piece of yellow citrine. The gold band is also texturized with triangular indents for a unique and fashionable ring. 18k gold plated. Face measures 21 mm by 21 mm.

gold citrine ring

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